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About Us

     Karl Armstrong, owner and founder of Armstrong Motors Sales and Service, has lived and worked in the Community of St. Marys his entire life. He became a licensed mechanic in 1978 and began to operate the family owned company, located outside of St. Marys, Ontario on the Family Farm.

     Karl specializes in small engine, automobile and truck repairs. Before becoming a longstanding and devoted Husqvarna dealer in 1981, Karl dabbled in other small engine sales such as snowmobiles. He now focuses his time on the repairs and sales of lawn, garden and forest products and is willing to take on custom work.  

     In 2013, his son Kurtis Armstrong joined him starting his own company, Armstrong Motors Truck and Trailer, specializing in heavy trucks, automotive and custom repairs. Kurtis grew up working alongside his dad taking an interest in automotive work. He became a licensed mechanic in 2009 and began working as a Heavy Truck mechanic with a local trucking company. Shortly after completing his apprenticeship he had the desire to start his own company, and so Karl and Kurtis began working together.

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